jOhan BruNinX

joins ekstur with..Delftware!

Aiming high at an unexplored territory for us isn't something new. Finding an artist helping us to kick-off our Ekstur Supports topic was something else..The name did come up a few times but getting in contact took some time, coming up with an idea to collaborate took some thinking.. but the result shows that we were on the money with this one..Petit Lapin Tile No. 1 to No. 5

It’s not what it is that counts, it’s what they think it is

In 2007 Johan graduated from the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) with his Craft-deco project and was picked up by the international press almost instantly. By camouflaging discarded furniture with paper tape for his Plakbanterie project or simply by blending two world-renowned figures into one Mickachu, Johan always finds a way to come up with a shockingly accurate surprise. And that is exactly why his designs and artworks reach such an incredibly divers public...including us.

The list of cool artworks keeps growing as we speak, and so do its admirers. Vitra picked up his film for the Living in Motion. In Bozar Brussels another of Johan’s films was presented as part of the Canvas Collection and Paul Smith chose the collection of romantic porcelain rabbits for his exposition at the Paul Smith Globe at Heathrow Airport. Based on the Paul Smith collection, Johan decided to do something in collaboration with Ekstur.

Putkrabbers (coalminers)

The official introduction to Johan says just about all he likes to share with us: Forgotten objects, rediscovered under layers of dust are saved from their destiny to end up as waste; old toys from the attic, a collection of rare bugs or second-hand furniture are transformed to something meaningful. Finished with noble metal or velvet flock, these unique combinations are given back their right to longevity as a piece of art.

Hold me do

But I would like to add some topics which I think are definitely worth mentioning about his work. You need to be either shocked or excited when you see an art work, his work does both. You need to be asking yourself what it represents and in most cases you won't find it, check! After getting explained the thought behind it, you should be enlightened and begging for more, also check. In my humble opinion, and having in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I can honestly say that I am drawn to his work and mindset. 

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