poMaDe & hAirCarE

It's a guy thing

It is a guy thing and it has been for many years now and once and again it becomes mainstream and vanishes. The use of pomade can be traced as far back as the 1800s. During that century, the most common item used was bear fat. In the early part of the 20th century, however this was replaced by other ingredients, such as petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lard.

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Pomade is a wax-like substance to style your hair. Depending on what brand you use, it can make your hair look slick, shiny or both and simply neat. It’s now essentially made of minerals and natural oils, which provides nourishment apart from giving that shiny coating to your hair.
Use of hair pomade was once a great deal more popular than it currently is. Many different products and brands were marketed to create the slicked down men’s hairstyles that were popular in the middle of the 20th century. Think about the famous hairstyles of those days: the pompadour, quiff, and duck tail for instance. Use of a great deal of pomade led to many young men being called “greasers” (hence the movie title GREASE) because they used so much pomade to hold their hair in place.

As there are hundreds of different products available on the market differing in the amounts of oil, petroleum jelly, beeswax, and additives to provide scent, Ekstur has tried to narrow it down for you. In today’s culture, men and women use pomade for a variety of styles. It is used to create spikes that stand out from the head and remain stiff. It can be used to create some classic styles. It can even be used to impart a wet look to hair that belies the fact it is dry.

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Tips & Tricks

Although there will be others saying different things about the how to use issue, i feel that these are the best and straight forward tips you can get on the whole A to Z treatment.

- Pomade is best used upon clean and damp or even dry hair. So wash, dry or blow-dry it before you get started. Try Clubman Shampoo or Royal Flush
Wet hair allows you to apply pomade evenly but the pomade will adhere better on dry hair.
- Use a tonic to nourish your scalp and hair a couple of times a week. This will make your hair more manageable. Try the world famous Jeris or Osage Rub
- Then we take the pomade of your choice. Put some of it on the palm of your hand and soften it by rubbing your hands together until it is spread evenly. Rub the pomade evenly over the sections of hair you want to style. Work it in down to the roots with your fingertips and style. Then use a fine-toothed comb to finish your style. Try the Kent R7T, Sägemann or Unbreakable combs.
- Only one thing left to do now. Get that tingly feeling by using some original and freshly scented aftershave to start off your day in style. Check out our Alpa products from the Czech Republic: Windsor, Lily of the Valley and our Austrian Alt-Innsbruck.

For stiffer hold, products with a higher wax content are better.
Dax or Suavecito
For more shine and less stiffness, products that contain more oil or grease and less wax are best. Royal Crown or Black &White. And last but not least: have you got a moustache? Did you got stuck on Movember? Cherish it with our Hungarian
Stern Moustache Wax.

You can achieve a slicker look by wetting the comb before running it through your hair.

Take hair!