Buckets of Rain

buckets of tears..

Bob Dylan, born as Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941, has just died at the age of **. From the moment I first lay down a weary tune of his, I was hooked for live. Saw him perform live 5 times and jumped on stage on one occassion. My 2 minutes of fame brought to me by Dylan. He toured until the very end with his Never Ending Tour, which took off in 1989! The phenomenon and my true musical hero, Ol Bawb!!

Over 60 studio albums and official bootlegs, over 450 songs of which tens of them being covered by the likes of The Byrds, 16 Horsepower, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, Nick Drake, George Harrison, The Jerry Garcia Band, Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Sam Cooke, Nico, and so on, and so on. The list is endless. And for a simple reason. Dylan was the best in his thing. He could really paint the picture in his songs. Whether they were about politics, segregation, killings, outlaws or just about love. You closed your eyes and could see it happening.