Without an Iron

Tips for the New Year! It happened to me on many occasions, in many circumstances and in some countries already. While unpacking you find your shirts, perfectly ironed when you had put them in, now completely and utterly wrinkled beyond recognition...and there is no iron in sight. Nightmare? Well, here are some DIY MacGyver tips to save face and grace.

Your clothes look like they’ve been rolled into a tight ball for the past week and your iron is broke/you’re at a friends house getting ready to go out and they don’t have one available. You need to get rid of those deep creases fast, but it seems like an insurmountable accomplishment considering the whole not having an iron dilemma.

Except it’s very surmountable thanks to these 7 methods:


Method 1:Showering
Time it takes -- However long you shower

When you shower with the door closed, you create a steam room that's perfectly suited to take the wrinkles out of your clothes. You want to get the clothes as close to the heat source as possible, but being careful not to get 'em wet. Your best bet is to hang them on a hanger and, well, hang the hanger on a towel rod or door knob.


Method 2: Vinegar
Time it takes -- 10 minutes

In a spray bottle mix one part white vinegar per three parts water. Spray down the wrinkled areas and let air dry. 
Word of caution: Vinegar may damage some fabrics. So, before spraying down the whole thing, use the mixture on a inconspicuous area to test if it will discolor the clothing.

Method 3: Dryer
Time it takes -- 15 minutes

Lightly spray your clothes down with water to dampen (if not already wet). If you don’t have a spray bottle handy, wet a sock or towel and throw it in the dryer along with the items you need to get the wrinkles out of.
Set the dryer to medium heat, and cycle for 15 minutes.

Method 4: Pasta pot
Time it takes -- 20-25 minutes

Get a pot, the kind you’d boil pasta in, fill it with water, and bring said water to a boil. Once completed, empty the pot and use the bottom as an iron. 
Be sure to check that the bottom of the pot doesn’t have any burn marks or stains. A good way to test if anything on the bottom will come out on to your clothes is by rubbing it with a damp towel. If you see any marks, get yourself a new pot or try one of the other methods above/below.

Method 5: Fabric Softener / Hair conditioner
Time it takes -- 10 minutes

Add a 1/2 teaspoon of hair conditioner or laundry fabric softener for every 8oz  of water. Place the clothing on a hanger, spray that sucker down, and let it air dry.

Dry your eyes

Method 6: Hairdryer
Time it takes -- 5-10 minutes

This method is best for spot wrinkling. So if the shirt looks like it has been crumpled up in a ball at the bottom of your suitcase for the past 11 hours, use a different method.
If you have one of those plastic focusing tips, please attach it to your hairdryer now. Hold the dryer two inches away from the fabric, and if it has a “cool” button, use it intermittently to help set the fabric so the wrinkles will not return so quickly.

Method 7: Damp Towel
Time it takes -- 15-20 minutes

Lay a damp towel on top of an article of clothing, and run your hands over the towel to smoothen out the item underneath. Then let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes, and you should be wrinkle free and ready for all sorts of activities.

And when these do not do it for you, simply buy yourself a new one!

Good luck and happy travelling